About Us

Aspire Estates is a privately held Real Estate sales and marketing company launched in 2015, headquartered in New Cairo. We provide a unique real estate portfolio management services for family funds and high net worth individuals. Capitalizing on our expertise in various sectors and segments of the real estate market, we provide our partners with unrivaled returns on their investments while reducing their devoted time and focus on their real estate funds to the minimum. We also do typical full-fledged brokerage services on transaction basis although we have a sustainable long-term relationship with the majority of our customers.

As our business model is a multi-sided model we also work with developers offering them marketing and business planning consultancy services to keep them focused on their developments and help them ensure a unique customer experience with every project.

Aspire Estates Services

Real estate investment and development is generally seen as the most reliable source of return on investment today. As such, stakeholders often see investment in the real estate market a lucrative deal and not only that, they also look to add diversity to their portfolios by spreading their property investments globally over several markets.

Aspire Estates’ services are based on three core characteristics which combine a steady development process and a skilled team of competent professionals, with customer care and satisfaction acting as our driving ambition.

The Lines of Services we offer are as follows:
• Real Estate Brokrage Services:

o Selling New Properties
With 0% commission from clients, our Residential and Commercial Sales consultants assist their clients in the decision to purchase new homes, retail stores, and offices in a project suitable for the client’s necessities whether his priority is investment or a property to move in.

o Resale Services
We provide a group of professional services to assist in selling your unit, starting with the property inspection visit and a professional property photo shooting. Then we provide a comparative market analysis to reach the proper market price, followed by an action plan to market the property. Then we start posting the property on the company’s internal network, social media and match it with the requests in hand. Finally we negotiate on behalf of the seller in all the stages of the deal ending with the deal closure.

• Business Development & Marketing Consultation Services:

Aspire Estates offers the complete range of consultancy services regarding investment and development of properties. We provide the stakeholder with a recommendation on the best return on investment, based on detailed well-informed market intelligence. We also deliver solutions from concept to completion, in addition to having the ability to intervene at any stage of the development process and provide comprehensive execution support.
Aspire Estates provides tailor-made solutions to solve developers’ problems. We take pride in our ability to listen closely to our clients, identify the existing problems, and provide both advice and assistance in its solving; requiring and maintaining a very realistic approach in dealing with outstanding issues in Research, Project Management, Project Development, Operations Marketing and Sales. So we not only consult and solve, but we also implement our recommended solutions.
Instead of simply being another Egypt real estate marketing company, Aspire Estates delivers distinctive partnership opportunities to companies, brands, investment houses and individuals that are looking for profitable capital investments. Our partners are offered a complete project plan that ensures higher return on investment than any other developer in the market while remaining fully secured.

Aspire Estates List of Developers
Aspire Estates has projects in 6th of October City, Sheikh Zayed City, New Cairo, North Coast and the Red Sea. Our inventory includes Villas, Twin Houses, Town Houses and Apartments. We collaborate with the most reputable developers in Egypt such as Emaar, Palm Hills Developments, SODIC, Iwan Developments, Sabbour, Mountain View, Tiba, HydePark, Maxim, Inertia, Madaar, Tatweer Misr, EgyGab Developments, Misr Italia and IGI … etc.

Aspire Estates Exclusive Projects
Aspire Estates is now working on an exclusive residential project in North Coast, “Master – Sidi Abdel Rahman” is a residential project in a very prime location in North Coast – Marsa Matrouh city. Aspire Estates role doesn’t only include the sales & marketing of the project, but also involved in the pricing, redesigning of the units, applying the payment plans that serves the cash flow and repositioning the project in it’s proper market place.

Aspire Estates is working also on an exclusive Retail project in 6th of October city, “West Park” a topnotch multiple-use project (Retail – Office spaces –medical and Entertainment activities outdoor) with total leasable area 23,770sqm with the aim to be a destination for the surrounding community. The concept is interpreted through a joyful “Pizza Type” design using the finest materials, top quality finishing & state-of-art landscaping; combined to create a distinctive luxurious experience.